Goosebury State University


Goosebury State University began as a small 2-year college in 1985 as a means of keeping our high school graduates in the community. It began in the old JCPenny store (they closed up the Goosebury store and combined locations with another JCPenny in nearby Duckville). This forerunner of GSU, offered 2-year degrees in animal husbandry, auto mechanics, motel services, sheep farming, and physics.

In 1996, Wilbur Stockwell, owner of the local Woolworth store, was elected president of the college and began a fund-raising campaign that resulted in the eventual creation of Goosebury State University, proudly offering degrees in 24 different areas.

Students at GSU now come from all over the nation, most taking online courses and keeping track of college life from their bedroom computers. Because of our many “online” students, the university offers social and entertainment options via the internet. Next year, graduating students from as far away as Maine, California, and Florida will be able to do the virtual graduation walk.

Our undergraduate students and alumni participate with us in concerts, sporting events, and activities through their computers. They wear the school colors (t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats) which proudly spell out the name of their university, GSU.

And, it is not necessary to be a fully matriculated student in order to join in on our activities and social life. In fact, our “associate” students often make it appear as if they are really “enrolled” in the university in order to impress that special someone, or mom and dad.

Need a framed graduation diploma on your wall? No problem, you can buy one from the GSU bookstore. Want to sport your favorite athlete on the back of your pseudo football or basketball jersey? Try one of ours on for size. People will ask, “Who is this ‘#33 Stolzman’ that you are wearing on your back?” You can proudly let them know that he is the nation’s leading bench warmer at GSU.

We invite you to follow the progress, or lack thereof, of our athletic teams, or to attend a concert or game. We also invite your comments and contributions. Are you interested in teaching a class? We will have to get you a master’s degree, but that is no problem, we have a printer! Do you have a subject that can be taught online, a subject of an unusual nature? Send us a note; we’ll discuss it at our next board meeting. Visit us at Goosebury State today!

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